Mt. Shasta Ambulance Service operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week including all holidays. We are the primary provider for 911 Emergency Medical calls in Siskiyou County and some of the surrounding areas. In an effort to provide the highest level of service, our ambulances are staffed by a California state certified paramedic and emergency medical technician (EMT), whom are trained in extrication, CPR, airway management, medication administration and monitoring, I.V. therapy, EKG and 12 lead monitoring, and cardiac support including defibrillation and pacing. Our crews are skilled and capable of dealing with all types of medical emergencies, and our ambulances are equipped with the latest technology to assist our crews in providing excellent patient care. Our goal is to provide excellent pre-hospital interventions and safe transport to the nearest and most appropriate medical facility.


In addition to providing 9-1-1 service and Emergent Care Transport, Mt. Shasta Ambulance Service offers ALS and BLS Interfacility transports for our patients who require medical services that are not available at the medical facility they are at. Our ALS(Advanced Life Support) interfacility vehicles are staffed by an ALS certified paramedic who is authorized to utilize advanced equipment such as ventilators, invasive monitoring devices and lines, and other medical devices found in intensive care and critical care settings.


Our team of certified EMTs provide our patients with Emergent and Non-Emergent Basic Life Support Transports, which can be emergent or scheduled in advance. These BLS units provide emergency response with paramedic backup and intercept as well as inter-facility transports. The EMTs who provide Basic Life Support transports are trained in basic airway management, bleeding control, CPR, orthopedic care, managing allergic reactions, and assisting with the delivery of newborns, plus much more.


For those non-emergent type transfers where the patient is able to go by wheelchair and does not require a gurney. We have two wheelchair medi-trans vans which each can carry one patient. We also have a Wheelchair bus which is capable of carrying two wheelchairs and six people in the existing seats on the bus.




If your event should require staffing of Emergency Medical Technicians and ambulance services, Mt. Shasta Ambulance Service can help. Past events have included sporting events, parades, and other large public gatherings.



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